Virat Kohli Gets His Beard 'Insured', K L Rahul Leaks Footage

Virat Kohli Gets His Beard 'Insured', K L Rahul Leaks Footage
Virat Kohli

India, June 08Cricketer K L Rahul's latest tweets reveal Virat Kohli’s obsession with his beard. Team India Captain is so obsessed with his beard that he has apparently got it insured! No, really!

Virat Kohli is known for his fashion sense and the Indian skipper's trademark beard has become a nationwide trend. He is a doting husband, an influencing social media personality and a fitness enthusiast. He had said earlier refused to shave off his beard in response to teammate Ravindra Jadeja’s #breakingthebeard challenge.

Kohli had said, “Sorry boys, but I am not ready to break the beard yet. Great job on makeovers though. Kudos”.

Rahul took to Twitter to share with the world a CCTV grab of the Virat Kohli sitting on a sofa with two men clicking pictures and hovering over his beard.  Rahul shared the video with the caption: “Haha, I knew you were obsessed with your beard @imVkohli but this news of you getting your beard insured confirms my theory.” After they are done clicking pictures of the cricketer from different profiles, they get him to write something, which seems like his sign, on paper.

Kohli had earlier said it is easy to look after the beard because of the availability of specialised oils for it.

“Looking after it is not that difficult because the beard oils have come in and it’s very easy. A little bit of beard oil and it’s in place,” he said.

“When it gets too big and thick then obviously I have to trim it. That is the only thing. But no, I would not get rid of it,” he reiterated.

However, it seems now he has taken his obsession to another level after K L Rahul shared footage of Kohli getting his beard 'Insured’

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